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The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company (MassMutual), founded in 1851, is an American mutual life insurance company serving five million clients. With headquarters in Springfield, Massachusetts, the company employs more than 7,000 in the United States, and a total of 10,614 internationally. Since 1998, it has traded under the name MassMutual Financial Group.

A customer of The Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance wrote this on Consumeraffairs: Customer service agents of The Massachusetts Company are not trained properly. I was given inaccurate information, called to check because information online did not reflect the information I was provided! The agent was very unprofessional, kept me on hold for 20 minutes to only come back to the line and tell me his supervisor was not available. He was not empathetic at all! Chris (the agent) would not provide me the name of the individual over his Director. I called back and got Genasis, she was just as rude, talking over me, speaking without taking a breath and very much unhelpful. If an agent of mine treated someone this way it would ultimately lead to termination.


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Director (Former Employee) says

"Working for leadership that works against the purpose of the organization and its employees. Talent is revolving door because of top leadership while directors try their best to spark change to improve things but never succeed because it is unwanted."

Client Services Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Management not good very snooty and unprofessional ! Did not like working there very call center environment would rather have short calls then actually help customers all about metrics! Micro manage to know what screens you are on creepy!NoneMicro manage"

AVP, Digital Customer Experience (Former Employee) says

"Leave your ideas and creativity at home. Don’t challenge unskilled Senior Managers with old world insurance experience who know nothing about digital."

Contractor Level 2 Analyst Windows 10 Migration (Former Employee) says

"They lie about everything with job assignment never told it was a contact until I was there I left full time job for a contract and job was not what I thought and they do not care about person either"

Quanitative Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I was hired as an analyst at a novice salary even though I had years of experience. I accepted the pay. Then several months into the job, Management told me my job was to be project manager for transitioning from an old system to a new system. This was dictated to me without any increase in pay or training. I never was a project manager for any task and was minimally successful in getting the job done. I take pride in my work but left the company feeling I had failed.Location until they moved the department to Boston.Management and unwritten job expectations with pay to match."

Help Desk Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic expectations. Its who you know to get advancements. Watch your back, feedback on performance is poor and infrequent. High pressure environment."

Regional Sales Consultant (Current Employee) says

"There are too many instances of managerial reprocussions to respond. I am only writing enought to get through this survey. If you want to be at the whim of someone else... go for it."

Senior System Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Worked for them as a contractor. Management had hired for the wrong kind of position from the start. Management gave no direction for the first month of working there. The culture perpetuates doing as little work as possible without getting fired, while still looking good enough not to get replaced by outsourcing firm. There is a great deal of siloing here, every department has little fiefdoms where everyone will be happy to start a corporate war over literally nothing. uppermanagement has no idea what is going on in the company and there is easily over 10 years of tech debt ( I saw tons of windows NT boxes and unix systems from the late 90's).Close to where I livetoo many to mention here"

Financial Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"No leads assistance even though when hiring they indicated that leads were regularly supplied. The software and website was outdated and often turned clients away."

Financial Strategist (Former Employee) says

"If you value getting paid for your work, don't work here. I worked and sold products and never got paid, instead I ended up paying them because apparently they covered 0% of my health insurance.Although tons of hours, I chose when I worked. Manager was nice/effectiveCut-throat sales environment"

Underwriting Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This was one of the worst companies I worked for. The systems were so dated that people made mistakes regularly. We are talking conducting interviews with clients on a word document, copying and pasting to pdf and sending to India. If one small error was wrong it messed up the system. All the systems were like this. Nothing was good enough for them either. At one point I had the highest production in our Unit and had a 99 percent and was still getting lambasted regularly by multiple people Not all of these people were bosses . They set up a culture of children telling on each other. People did not work well together- even across departments it was very much a whom can we blame culture with no one wanting to take responsibility. Training was not uniform. It was a mess. There was very little to no work life balance. When things got busy- usually due to poor scheduling you are expected to drop everything. I had one manager who was a micromanager and one who did absolutely nothing. Neither was conducive to a happy or productive work environment. During both regimes if a customer had a question none of my co workers could answer it usually took days to get an answer and only after bugging management repeatedly. The pay is not based on skill but favortism. The benefits were horrible. Pretty much every aspect of working there was.Working from homePretty much everything else"


"this is the worst run office i have ever worked at. horrible management, treat employees terribly. I would not recommend this company to anyone, ever...."

Insurance Broker/Agent (Current Employee) says

"The managers did not care. All the nubees had to pay for everything. No private desk, no phone, had to pay to use. No real support. They pressured you ever day. Not a pleasant place.trainingpay"

Service Specialist (Former Employee) says

"Long hours work culture was not friendly not enough people to get the work done the different types of 401 K plans my team mates management not understanding"

Client Services Representative (Former Employee) says

"If they don't like you they will find a way to fire you, even if they lie and say you have to be written up before your terminated. You cannot be fired if your on probation for one incident and then have a different incident. The team I was on offered 16 hours of training while being forced to learn the systems on your own. Don't be fooled by their tactics. Nothing but lies and back stabbing here I would not recommend them to anyone.NoneWorse Company to work for"

Manager Assistant (Current Employee) says

"The company has let me and my family down. The change from Met Life to MassMutual was a nightmare, no way the company prepared well. The underwriting department was so bad, I know that you need to fix your underwriting department. The hardest part of the job was to get new business issued. i am sorry, but getting business issued was like 4 months to get a decision. i have 39 years in the business and never seen so many people afraid to make a decision.great office spaceNo one could fix underwriting"

Life Insurance Customer Service Representative (Former Employee) says

"Many people said it felt like a family owned company. I think that was before but now its all about the numbers. Also they do not want you to have any personality on the phone when it comes to call monitoring."

Sales Representative (Former Employee) says

"Insurance company with a very good rating this was a great sales opportunity. company has a excellent reputation and is one of the biggest insurance suppliers"

Life Insurance Agent (Former Employee) says

"Just as all insurance agencies it was a scam. I will never recommend becoming an insurance agent unless it is part time work. All practices a backed by lies."

Financial Representative (Former Employee) says

"This company does not help to market it's product to consumers. They leave you to figure it out on your own and the pay, even for commission base is the worst."

Nonya says

"Terrible Customer Service"

Steve says

"First, Haven Life is expensive. You can compare with other major insurance and you will see very clearly. Second, Haven Life is a new company with not very strong finance compared to large insurance companies. That means it might not exist after 30 years. Haven Life says it is backed and wholly owned by MassMutual. Actually that is totally false statement. If Haven Life files bankruptcy, MassMutal doesn't have financial obligation and can easily abandon it. That's why it is operating under a different business entity. Third, Haven Life advertises that it does not require a medical exam. But, that is not true. After spending almost one hour on the application, you will meet the statement that you need to have a medical exam. Haven Life will lie anything to make people to apply. Haven Life does not care whether you wasted your valuable time or not. All Haven Life cares is to make you apply. Haven Life should not make people to believe they can get upto $1M policy without a medical exam which is completely lie. You should never a trust company built on lies."

John says

"I had a lot of problems with the website working on various browsers. I shouldn't have to download Google Chrome just to effectively navigate your website."

Beata says

"I wish I was happier with the experience but I’m not. The whole thing seems pretty archaic. I still have not gotten confirmation of my payment going through."

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